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RV Pricing at Heritage RV



Our policy is to advertise our best price. Our price includes shipping to the dealership, inspection and setup. It does not include a $195 Dealer Service Fee authorized by the State of Wisconsin or a $3 fee for a temporary plate for non-Wisconsin residents to drive the vehicle out of state. Wisconsin residents will be charged state and local sales tax, registration and title fees. Accordingly, our price is firm and not negotiable. There are no other additional fees added.



Prices shown are the current prices in effect for units being delivered at this time and are subject to change without notice.  In the event that the manufactuer increases their suggested retail price between the date a unit is ordered and the date it is manufactuered, the sale price will be adjusted by 85% of the price increase, or to our current sale price for an identical model, whichever is less. If you do not wish to accept the price adjustment, we will release you from your purchase contract and your order deposit will be refunded in full.  Call or see us for details.


If you are not a Wisconsin resident, we will not charge sales tax on the purchase as long as you are removing the vehicle from Wisconsin. You will be responsible for sales tax in your state of residence when you register the vehicle. We will charge Wisconsin and County sales tax to residents of Wisconsin, or if the vehicle will be registered in Wisconsin.


If your lender requires perfection of a lien at delivery, it may be necessary to issue a Wisconsin title, even though you are removing the vehicle from the state. In such a case, you will be subject to a Wisconsin title fee of $164.50 and a lien fee of $10.

Inside a Thor Class B Motorhome at Heritage RV

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